Saturday, 23 June 2012

Yeovilton Airshow 2012

Just came back from Yeovilton Airshow, which surprisingly had quite reasonable weather. It's a good day generally, but there appeared to be less of it this year than previous years. I was looking forward to seeing the Mustangs scheduled for display, but unfortunately they were not flying today, or on display.

However, as said it was a jolly nice day out with the family, made especially so with a visit to the cider stall - the drink of choice aroundbouts. I managed to get some nice videos clips and some pics of some of the aircraft. I have 3 of the Red Arrows that I think are the best of the lot with my little Fuji Finefix. I have to mention a flyby by an Antonov A124 cargo plane. Russian pilots are always good value for money, and this was no different, with this rather porky sled attempting some elementary tricks. I'm sure the public liability insurance doubled when the insurers were told.

The 3 Red Arrow shots

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