Monday, 18 June 2012

Regimental Combat Team Smith

My US armour has slowly been getting finished off, and I have finally got round to getting a photo or two. Included in this is an Armoured Infantry Platoon.

The Armour is of 4 squadrons of 3 Shermans each, 2 M4 'Jumbos' with 105mm guns, with a Recce squadron of an M5 and 2 M8 armoured cars. The Armoured infantry is an HQ M3, 4 M3's, 2 M21 mortars with trailers, an M16 SPAA, M7 105mm SPG, 2 M10 tank destoyers, M20 utility car, 2 recce jeeps and a Medic jeep.

Nearly all the tanks require accessorizing with various detritus, which I'll be getting round to shortly. There are also a few bits I'm still trying to get sorted; a couple of weapons carriers and towed A/T guns, and an armoured dozer and Sherman dozer will be arriving soon.

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