Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Hi, I'm alive and not a 'Bot.

Well, Facebook is sucking the life out of my spare time, and I'm sure someone said that it would, so in an effort to stop Fac-e-book taking over my life and the world around me, I have a new project. Ok, its kind of 2 projects, Star Wars X wing which filled the void of not wargaming my WW2 US and Germans, and potentially playing my Moderns, and the other is a Night Stalkers Kings of War army.

Why Kings of War? Well why not, and the Night Stalkers are just so SICK when it comes to modelling the figures, there's not that much out there at present, but there is so much inspiration. I like the ability to theme the army the way you want, so long as dread Cthulu gets a lookin, but I think I'm going to try and steer the theme towards C S Lewis, and the White Witch , Jadis and her minions.

C S Lewis may be a blind alley of sorts but Cthulu is definately a strong possibility.

Lots of modelling to ensue, and hopefully a dose of WW2 completion and closure for some of the units I have had sitting around.

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