Sunday, 1 September 2013

Battlegroup Overlord - L4 Sentinel and set piece objective - Pt1

I had been looking for a L4 Sentinel for over a year or more. Prices for the model were knocking around the £25+ level, if the kit was available and my modelling skills were up to it. I had seen a vac form model, as well as a East European kit. I had gone to Yeovilton this year to have a look at the show and 2 old warbirds flying. A Buchon ( spainsh me109 clone ) and Spitfire. Wandering around the various stalls and cider bars I ended up at Plastic Model Kits. After going through their stock I came across the OY2 Korean War version. A Stinson L4 by any other name.

The kit comes with 2 fuselages to do various types, along with 2 plastic canopies. Essentially the carcass for 2 planes. Serendipodously, there was also an old warbird on the static display - a Stinson L4, so out with the camera whilst trying to work out what to do with the kit.

After finishing the WW1 planes I got the OY2 out to play around with. I had the idea of doing an objective marker for BG Overlord with the spare fuselage, but would have to make up a tailplane, rear airlerons and aset of wings. As I would not be entering a modelling competition exactness was not a priority, but I could get the right approxiamations for a crashed L4 as an objective, detail to be painted or drawn on and any bits I couldn't do would be hidden.
With my Mojo starting to buzz - as with the Radio van project and the Tigers, I have started the build of both planes.

I laminated some plasticard, and with the original items held to the plasticard,trimmed the laminate to the originals. Out with the file to do leading edges and to profile the wings and tail assembly, and the engine air intake and the plane begins to take shape.

More to follow this week as I secure the various pieces to the fuselage of both planes.

WW1 aircraft so far

After feeling rather fed-up with the lack of gaming going on, a combination of work, housework!! ( work in the house that needs doing ) and lack of time, pottering around the shed doing bits of work on the WW1 aircraft have got things going again.

I have managed to do 6 aircraft bought at Yeovilton several years ago. I have sorted out stands for the aircraft, and decided on how to do the game board. In fact it will be a sheet that I will hex out.

I have 2 Fokker Dr1's, 2 Fokker D7's and 2 Sopwith camels. I have ordered 2 Spad XIII's from Thailand of all places. They were so cheap and post free.


The stands are what I first built and used for my WW2 weird and normal  planes , but having finally sorted out the stands, to be able to use height I will be converting them to the new system - telescopic reach rods, with a magnet on, securing the planes via rare earth magnets under the planes. Post to follow.

Kit wise, the 2 Camels were from Academy, ok and easy to put together. The early D7 was from Roden. A complete bitch to assemble as the parts were all to scale and in proportion, as well as being super detailed. The decals were superb as well. Detail lost on a wargames table, but allowing me to be able to pimp up poorer kits with the leftovers. The later D7 was a Revell kit, simple and easy to do lacking detail and good decals. The Fokker triplanes were from Smer, not so good quality as Roden, but better than Academy and Revell.