Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Battlegroup Overlord - D Day set for April

with thanks to Piers Brand, The Guild

The next instalment of the Battlegroup Kursk set of rules will be Battlegroup Overlord. The book will be a similar edition to Kursk, but will contain 13 sets of Army lists, invasion scenarios and historical sets. It will be about 200 printed pages, with the expected crop of excellent photos showing off some serious quality painting. As far as the range of the book is concerned it will start with the Beachead, and end at the retreat of the German army over the Seine.
with thanks to Piers Brand, The Guild

The lists covered by the book are pretty comprehensive, and some of the more exotic forces involved in Normandy, will be able to be morphed out of the lists given, such as Free French, Commando, Polish and SS formations. Essentially these formations drew on either equipment from the given lists, or will be upgrades/choices in the lists.

The lists are...

British Infantry
British Armoured
British Airborne
British Beach Assault
US Infantry
US Armoured
US Airborne
US Beach Assault
German Atlantic Wall Defence
German Infantry
German Armoured
German Ersatz Panzer
Artwork from the illustrator - D Pentland that
will appear in BGO, courtesy of Piers Brand
US medic and US Infantry in action

The list is a comprehensive coverage of practically all that you could expect to fight with or against in Normandy, and with a little thought could stretch to other areas - Operation Dragoon for instance. Given the scope of the book, and its limitations on size ( about 200 pp ) there are plans to publish a smaller rule book set. This would be complementary to the intended Army List/Campaign books ( and of course BGK), which would have the individual armies in them, having subtle national army options. I mention options because although the Germans in Kursk have the Tank Ace available to them, as the Russians have the Political Officer, they have to pay for these options and do not get them for just being German, or Russian.... One interesting thing I have come across, is that the US have the option to upgrade their communications in BGO. Not an unreasonable option given the amount of SCR radios and field telephones. Again, it is an option that costs, and not an army feature for nothing. This I think starts to pull the armies onto a more even playing field.
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