Sunday, 22 January 2012

PAW 2012

I will be going to PAW 2012 at Plymouth in 2 weeks time. It's a really nice, sociable, well mannered and pleasant event, and I can't say enough good things about the event or the people involved in it, a big thankyou to Andy Clark.

I was going to take my 15mm FOG Christian Nubian machine gun corps, but received an email asking if I could go in the 25mm FOG instead. Roll out the Ottoman Turks.Yes, I'm the guy responsible for lowering the stats on them on the BHGS website!  My record is excreble, but damn, do they look nice on the table. To quote one of my favourite film directors - " you can never have enough flags"

I normally run the Ottomans with Serb Allies, but keep thinking about running Serbs with Ottomans. either way they are pretty funky.

Tigers Marsch!. The first Tiger has been finished

The finished article, and the second is underway, some pics to show it off. I have included 2 US engineers for scale comparison, they are Kellys Heroes from Grubby Tanks.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

KGN - US 250 points - Infantry Division

Have the following for a small 250pt force

Battlegroup Headquarters        3 men in a jeep
Recce Command                     M8 greyhound

Armoured Car                         M8 Greyhound
Supply column                         Medium truck
Forward Aid Post                    4 men and a jeep ambulance

Infantry Platoon                        Plt HQ and 3 squads

Infantry Platoon                        Plt HQ and 3 squads

Medium Mortar team               81mm mtr

Medium Mortar team               81mm mtr

Combat Medic                         1 man

Sherman Tank squadron           3 sherman 75mm

250 points, 30 mv, 4 commands and supreme commander

1D6 + 4 activation points and a reroll for the D6

I don't know how its going to work out on the table, but I think its fairly balanced. I originally took vet infantry, but couldn't spread the force out to cover the table. Pretty solid infantry with their bazooka's as they have a range of 8, so the shermans can concentrate on attacking the enemy infantry, and there is recce to tease out troops, and to fly around a flank. The 81mm mortars should give some cover/suppression for the infantry to use in attack.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New recruits

After 4 weeks with a viral and then chest infection, I am back and about and upright. 3 Panthers have arrived for a makeover, as well as a few bits of US light armour. I have ordered a small forest from szdepot in China, and picked up some flock for the horsehair I bought of a friend at the Club. So, with a table organised as well, its starting to take shape KGN.

I am going to go through the lists, and bring together a US armoured 250pts, and see how it looks. I willof course publish

The Tiger is on its base and awaiting finishing, as will all the US vehicles, so a show and tell will be organised this weekend.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Tigers Marsch - Part 9

Well, here is the practically finished 'Cat', needing numbering, insignia and basing, and appears it's turned out well. I used a base black primer, with a Vomit Brown undercoat. When dry, I washed with Badab Blackwash. When dry, I drybrushed/highlighted with Vomit Brown, and when dry painted on red and green pigment wash to show the 3 colour late war camoflage. I chose wash as I didn't want to takeaway from the brown paint coat and lose any detail. I brushed over the track and running gear with Boltgun Metal to detail the track, and used it on the tow cables attached to the sides.