Sunday, 10 June 2012

KGN is no more !

Well a bit late with the news, as most people know that Games Workshop - hence forth to be known as EE ( Evil Empire ), has closed down Warhammer Historical. What are OrkBoyz doing at Waterloo anyway I hear you say, well thats what the suits thought as well. So, EE has pulled the plug on all historical rulesets, and have put the legal team on a long leash to go for violation etc of Intellectual Property. By the  way, they will not sell any of the rulesets out, so no second chance.

Having sold off my 15mm FoW as I was getting more and more disatisfied with it, to move into KGN, I now find myself in the situation that EE has pulled the rug out on me. I have managed to get a copy of the 21st Panzer listing, and bought a copy of WI with the Brit Para list in, the writing was on the wall when EE strenuosly objected to WI publishing KGN related articles. This was only clear to me after it was pointed out by someone on the GMG Forum who had experience of EE much earlier with Warhammer Ancient Battles, so I can't clear prescience here.

However when viewed from a distance, perspective gives a clearer picture. My comments relating to the 50% sale of historical product at the start of the year as a firesale were dismissed, but I believe it was an attempt to get stock out of the door. I have been told that even with the reduction, costs of £12 were more than met at a £24 price, goes to show what the profit margin is at £48. The rules sold though.

It seems that Historical was at odds with the aim of EE and its focus on Warhammer etc etc. Fine, but the whole thing could have been hived off and given a prod with a barge pole to keep it away. Now, we have a situation where the only way to go is to produce a crafty 'clone' of KGN but changing all the specific content to some anadine construct, or write your own set and compete out there with everyone else. Activity has started to dry up in relation to KGN whilst waiting for the 'new' set to appear, so when I know more I'll let you know.

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