Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Workbench

Hoping to clear the Tiger off the workbench and the remains of the Late War US as well. Pics to follow as well

Dutch KGN 1940

I have got hold of some Dutch 1940 figures, and after raising the subject on the Guild forum, have found a number of people who kind of agree with me about the ' rightness ' of playing Dutch. I got a  lot of help with  suitable figures for them as well. I will try and get them painted up and put up pics.

Christian Nubian latest shock

In an attempt to go 3 and 0 against Hundred Years War English, the Nubes went down in flames. A very good game, and it was on a 5ft table, so I can qualify the loss, but they suffered by the fact that the English ran across the table as fast as they could to engage the Nubians. Well done the english.

Martin has arranged another rematch- but with New Kingdom Egyptian, and I will be tweeking the list slightly to change the Bedouin Lancers for Nubian Light spear horse.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Christian Nubians - 2 and 0

I have been playing with the Nubes, and surprisingly have got 2 striking wins against Martin playing with 100 years war english. The Nubes have a second rematch this coming thursday, and are just playing it cool.

The Nubes would have been my choice at PAW, but thats life. They are really quite fun to play, and seem to be remarkably resistant to my ineptitude. I really feel I have found my mojo again, my new Thracians.

I have also now got a Late War German KGN platoon finished so can use at last.