Saturday, 16 June 2012

South Somerset Wargames Group

I suppose an introduction to the 'club' is in order, as nearly all my wargaming activity is based in and around SSWG. We are very much like any other groupof like-minded individuals with a common obsession. That said they are a very nice bunch of people.

There is a lot of FoG going down, Renaissance and Napoleonic, with a base firmly established in Ancients. We have a very strong FoW lead by Colin, who is very involved with the FoW UK scene. And we have a range of 15mm, 20mm and 28mm collectors.

I'm doing my best to promote 20mm WW2, and there are several people who have collections. KGN is being played, though not really any other systems. KGN gives a very reallistic and playable freeflowing game.

Games are organised at Ilchester practically every Thursday, with a meet down at Stratton just outside Dorchester. This is the Dorchester club meet - once a month. The club has many crossover members with Dorchester and the Weymouth Levellers, and all the local clubs try to support each other, as well as welcome in other gamers from the above clubs.

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