Friday, 2 December 2011

US Infantry

Here are some photo's of my US infantry, with Engineers, mortars and MMG's. Figures are from Kellys Heroes, and are really very nicely scuplted, with no flash and 'extra' bits under arms, between legs etc. In short, they are excellent value for money. A friend swears by AB miniatures, but as Kellys are nearly half the price..... Its not that I  will not try other manufacturers, but the level of service was exceptional to boot.
                                                .30 cal gun teams and an 81mm mortar team

                                         Engineer team, mineclearing and demolition with officer

                                                  Bazooka teams with officer and 2 snipers

                                                                 Rifle squad advancing

                                                                 Another rifle squad

                                                                       Last rifle squad
I will be adding to the US infantry to build up the infantry to weak company level, and of course there will be German troops to collect at some point. I will want to finish projects before piling up the lead!! and the US is nearly done with the exception of some armoured cars and more Shermans. I will be looking for Bart, Homer and Lisa etc.

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