Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Support your local Tiger dealer

Well, it pays to shop around, so the saying goes, and an evening in front of the computer produced a rather large shock. SHQ miniatures have a Late war Tiger with zimmerit for £12. However, they also do a Rapid Fire pack of 3 Tigers for £25!!. Also, as Pete is celebrating 10 years of running SHQ, in the lead up to Christmass, he is adding 10% to the value of a gift certificate or E-gift certificate. This means that if you buy an E-certificate for £20, it has the value of £22, and for £3 more you can get the Tiger pack. A Tiger would cost £7.67 each.

On the whole, when I think about how many hours I am putting in to each Tiger, is it worth more than £5.67 to reach the level of the SHQ Tiger. If I knew beforehand, I would have visited SHQ. I still think that the work on the Airfix Tigers will be worth it, but I have a feeling that someone working in a Branded trainer factory in South East Asia is on a better hourly rate than me.

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