Thursday, 15 December 2011

Cavalry recon - reinforcements

Andy Grubb from Grubby Tanks has come through with a Christmass order, 24 more infantry, a deployed 81mm mortar and .30 cal. I will also have to finish up the bases for the halftracks, so that a group photo can be taken. I will also need to organise the M5 stuarts and M8 a/cars.

I decided on Armoured Cavalry Recon because that gives quite a range of games - dismounted on foot, small scale tank/armoured car actions, fully mobile encounters. I could make them into Divisional Cavalry but I think that would limit the amount of vehicles operating.

Their opponents will probably be Waffen SS - 12th HJ, or 6th Fallschirmjagers, but the US were on a different flank to the 12th HJ, and I believe that it was Heer Tigers (King Tigers ooops ) that operated on their front. So, decisions.

Maybe both!

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