Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tigers Marsch - Part 4

Well, the first Tiger has had its zimmerit paste applied, and the second has been started. The process of doing this has revealed many more problems with the Airfix kit, than at first realised. There are problems with the front armour plates of the kit, basically the kit is not accurate. The cut of the horizontal plate meeting the vertical plate - which includes the visor and ball mg, is too pronounced and overhanging the tanks side plate. These had to be cut down to fit the front mudguards to the model. Examining various photos of Tigers in Italy and Normandy, the mudguards have right angles, and appear to fit the armour plates exactly, even allowing for the cut of the plates - which on various photos has been cut by acetylene torch, from the rough edges shown. Going back to my thoughts about buying in the Tigers with the paste on, I can heartily recomend this. Unless you like fiddling about with models ( I do ) to make them something different and special you probbly have better things to do with your time.

                                                 First Tiger with paste applied, 3/4 view front

                                                           First Tiger - 3/4 view rear

                         Second Tiger with both sides pasted and front glacis done but not showing
On the above photo the overhang and exagerated cut of the front plate can be seen, and will be rectified when the front mudguards are fitted, along with the rear ones.

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