Sunday, 3 March 2013

Battlegroup Fall of the Reich - Horten Ho229

A clearout of the shed brought forth some weird war planes along with the WW1 20mm scale planes that I am working my way through. So as a break to WW1 I painted up the Horten. Ideal for Fall of the Reich, or perhaps Battlegroup 1946!
The model is a PM kit, bought at Yeovilton last year. Really cheap and I had no idea how I was going to paint it when I got it.
With a black undercoat, green top and grey lower with everthing blackwashed. Drybrushed with green, then mottled with  a light green. Finally detailed with decals and the canopy painted.
Can't wait to put this on the table for German aircraft. Jets are just so much fun, and all this weird end of the war stuff is a hoot. Thought about stuffing a load of rockets under the wings for a laugh.

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