Sunday, 6 January 2013

Frontline M26 Pershings - a review

I have finished the 3 Frontline M26 Pershings that I got for Christmass, which I received before, and painted over the Christmass period. I was able to finish them before New Year, but only now have had time to take a few photo's and sort them out.

I ordered the resin models online, paid via Paypal, from an email invoice that Tim sent me. There were a couple of days wait before I got the invoice, as he was casting up the models. Postage was quick after I had paid the invoice and the items were well packed and arrived intact. Overall, this was pretty good service, and consider myself a very satisfied customer. Frontline have a very wide range of resin vehicles and useful bits that other vendors don't have. They also have a price range that makes them very attractive compared to other resin manufacturers, and extremely competitive with plastic kits, even Armourfast/Hat special 2 model kits. I had been scanning the site for a long time, and though they don't have all the vehicles images posted up, was a little concerned able what I was going to receive. This concern was misplaced.

The models were crisp and clean, but no excess resin and required minimal cleaning up with a file. I do have a criticsm, which is the model could have benefited from having locators for the track/side assemblies. Perhaps I should have said I could have benefited from locators. The side stowage cage on the right of the turret could have been better, perhaps separate, but I was going to fill this with stowage anyway. Also, there was no 30 cal gun and mount for the turret.
After assembly and before painting, stowage was added, a 30 cal taken from my bit box ( a pack from Sgts Mess providing this) and an aerial drilled into the turret. I also added tow fittings for the front hull from bits of plasticard, these were glued on and then drilled to make the holes. Hull mounted 30 cal, drilled and cut from wire. Headlights were made from plastic rod, and a cage made from florist wire to go round it. Tarpaulins and bundles were made up from miliput, and hawsers made from florists wire.

The end result is 3 M26 Pershings for my US Armoured, evening out the odds against late war Germans, or maybe JS2's or JS3's for 1946 WW2.1.

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