Sunday, 13 January 2013

FoGR game at club - Covenanters vs Parliamentarians

I went to club this Thursday, to set up a KGN game for next Thursday. As there were only 5 of us there, and 4 of the other guys were playing a Field of Glory Renaissance game in 15mm, I sat at the end of the table taking pictures. The game was about 800points with Paul and Michael playing Covenanters, vs Ian and Keith playing Early Parliamentarian.

After deployment, the game started with a very effective artillery bombardment from the Scots as the Parliamentarians moved up on their left flank. The Horse were nearly all deployed on the right flank, against all the Scots Horse.
 As the Parliamentarians sent out dragoons, they had to manoevre around a marsh placed by themselves on the right. This constricted their line, compressing it in front of the whole of the Scots horse. The Scots line was pretty solid, with their poor foot on the right, sitting behind 3 pieces of heavy artillery waiting to exploit any weakness.
The Scots horse are moving up to engage the Parliamentarian horse. The Parliamentarian line is starting to unravel, and whilst their Horse look vulnerable, they prove to be the opposite. Armour and pistols will prove decisive. Meanwhile, appaling cohesion tests and depsicable death rolls mean that the Parliamentarian left flank is taking a severe pounding. The horse stretch the line out, holding the Scots poor foot, and their Dragoons move up to take the shot from the Scots guns.
The Scots are now moving up their Foot to support their Horse, and in the photo, the mess that the marsh has caused to the Parliamentarian Horse and their line can be seen
The Scots have moved up.
The Scots began to start firing into the Parliamentarian line. The Parlaimentarian cohesion tests and death rolls from the shooting were truly awful. Dropping levels and losing bases. The first of the Scots horse crash into the Parliamentarian horse. Up at impact, but will be down at melee.
The Scots are developing their attack, as the Parliamentarians push forward. The Dragoons are holding the Scots right flank, but their not doing anything anyway. The troops opposite the Scots line start to look pretty thin.
Detail of the action about to start in the centre and Scots left flank.
The Scots horse have hit the Parliamentarian horse, and though outnumbering them on dice and impact, score nothing, the parliamentrians beat them, and then win the melee. Bad news for the Scots.
The Scots pile on the pressure in the centre with their foot, and support the horse combat on their left.
After masking the Scots artillery, and shooting a gun off, this forces the poor Scots foot to come out. This was the only effective Parlimentary shooting in the game to this point.
Scots support crashes in, both sides having generals in combat, the Scots get murdered with truly bad die rolls. The Parliamentarians are unable to exploit this even though the Scots will rout.
The Scots horse rout, the Parliamentarian horse pursue and sit in front of 3 Scots units. Looks bad, but when the Scots charge in, the whole sorry mess of their inability to win in combat repeats. How, why?... Scot drops in cohesion from tests for routers, and even with twice the number of bases fighting, no POA's or hits. The Scottish foot are really beating the foot up, as the hits are forcing cohesion tests which are not being made, there is not enough foot to compete with the Scots, and the Scots are manoevring more foot to fire than the Parliamentarians can deal with. A unit of horse routs off after 2 turns of culminative drops, the general unable to halt them, and needed elswhere.
More of the Parliamentarian foot get to shoot, but totally ineffectively. Scots shooting is continuing to force more and more cohesion tests. The Scots horse prove to be totally ineffective, but their problems are not able to be exploited. Parliamentarian foot and a unit of armoured horse are unable to move forward to support the success of the horse.

The game ended at 10pm, and after 3 hours of play was a Scots marginal win at least. 30 minutes more, and it would have been a convincing Scots win.

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