Thursday, 19 January 2012

KGN - US 250 points - Infantry Division

Have the following for a small 250pt force

Battlegroup Headquarters        3 men in a jeep
Recce Command                     M8 greyhound

Armoured Car                         M8 Greyhound
Supply column                         Medium truck
Forward Aid Post                    4 men and a jeep ambulance

Infantry Platoon                        Plt HQ and 3 squads

Infantry Platoon                        Plt HQ and 3 squads

Medium Mortar team               81mm mtr

Medium Mortar team               81mm mtr

Combat Medic                         1 man

Sherman Tank squadron           3 sherman 75mm

250 points, 30 mv, 4 commands and supreme commander

1D6 + 4 activation points and a reroll for the D6

I don't know how its going to work out on the table, but I think its fairly balanced. I originally took vet infantry, but couldn't spread the force out to cover the table. Pretty solid infantry with their bazooka's as they have a range of 8, so the shermans can concentrate on attacking the enemy infantry, and there is recce to tease out troops, and to fly around a flank. The 81mm mortars should give some cover/suppression for the infantry to use in attack.

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