Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tigers Marsch Part 3

The Tiger is having the zimmerit paste applied to the body of the tank. Application is tied to the set time of the Green Stuff - you could use Miliput, so a side is done per session. The covers of the exhausts were plastic tube that was split, stretched over a paint brush and heated with boiling water to set the plastic, heated again to stretch until the correct shape. Then the top was filed to the correct thickness, with the inside edges cut to go round the flanges of the exhaust pipes so they would fit over them.

The body of the tank was put together quite well, but the fit of the plastic pieces is not that great, in fact, as I was whiling the time away applying the zimmerit paste, I was thinking of where I could have got a kit with the paste already on - metal or plastic.

Work to continue with applying paste to front plate and rear, then turret, and stowage box. Mudguards have been scored to show the 4 guards per side.

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