Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kampfgruppe Normandy

OK, I know it should be Normandie, but what the heck.

Recently several month's ago I had the opportunity to try my hand at KGN. We played 25mm, but the last game I played before my opponent had to nip overseas for work, was in 1/300th. The board we would have played on was set up for a Franco-Prussian game, so the table became 2 paste tables in the garden. The game was surprisingly excellent fun, allowing a large scale game to be played quite quickly. This was only my third game, but I had gone the whole hog into KGN after the first, as it just 'felt right'. Not the reason I would have wanted to own up to, perhaps something along the lines of historical accuracy etc. After playing Flames , it just ' felt right ' .

Sweeping napoleonic swathes of miniatures , buckets of dice to hand, and national character tweaks had worn thin. Flames just didn't do it. As a consequence, my 15mm Flames US armoured recon hit ebay, and various bits and pieces of 25mm began to rain down into the shed for work on sprucing them up.

As I write, the US infantry are almost complete, and there are a selection of  US armour, jeeps and utilities just about to be finished off. Finally, courtesy of the marketing wonks at the 'evil empire', a 50% sale made the rule set within reach, and saved a visit to the photocopier. Although I suspect, with the quality of the rules - all the artwork, detail etc, I would have found it just the same as buying the rules at full price. £48 and posting - outrageous, but wow, my own dirty little secret. £48 !!!!

I shall get some pics up

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