Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tigers marsch ! Part 1

4 Airfix Tigers have arrived last week from ebay, and the research has already begun into transforming them into 101st Heavy Panzer. The kits are well made, but the Tigers appear to be early models, without the rear turret storage bin, and the cylindrical exhausts on rear. No problem, as a visit to the bit box, and some plasticard will sort these things out, and from reading Then and Now, Panzers in Normandy, I will be trying to rough them up, as well as add some zimmerit paste. Photos will follow, as I work my way through the process. One of the other problems is the track sag - reading, I have found out that they weigh in at 2.5 tons each, so I will have my work cut out showing this, without damaging the track or running gear, and making the model a reasonable effort.

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