Thursday, 15 October 2015

WW2 German bits and pieces

A general push in the painting department has seen these bits come along with others and help with motivation on generally doing all sorts of stuff. To be honest, I sometimes look at some peoples painting and think why I bother, but these little bits finish up quite nicely, and help gee things along, as well as helping to encourage as they are quickly finished.

Sgts Mess Goulash Kanone, with pneumatic tyres, though it can have wooden spoked wheels. I did a little scratch build pot for the mobile kitchen. A nice piece for just general 'feel' on a table.

An SHQ pak 41/43 88mm A/T Gun. I got this when I went to order/get the M8 turrets, though I had originally intended to get a late war 'Barn Door' 88mm on the cruciform carriage, and Pete didn't have any cast up. Its huge, and I did a bit of fiddling to it, adding a pick and its straps to the gun shield. The 4 figures in the lower picture are SHQ gunners I have included for scale purposes.

From left to right. A Sgts Mess Flak 37 37mm, Grubby Tanks IG18 75mm and an Amercom diecast towed Pak 40 75mm. The Flak 37 was actually labelled as a Maxon quad 50 cal, which I got from them at Bovington - part of the voucher myself and Nick received from Wargames South for the display game we put on. Bit of a shock when I opened the pack, then a challenge to research and make it, as I had no plans. The IG 18 75mm is a must have for my WW2 Germans, a really nice and useful piece of equipment. The Amercom diecast really looks like a Pak38 50mm, not its larger cousin the Pak40 75mm, but that's what it said on the side of the box. It really is a bit too small to be convincing.

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