Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Cavalry are coming

PSC have some really nice, simple and easy to make models in 20mm 1/72 scale, that for the price knock the spots off a lot of other manufacturers, especially of the M5A1 Stuart Light Tank. I had 3 I got earlier, and picked up another 3, with the aim to convert 2 into M8 HMC's. I would use the turret of a M8 Scott HMC from SHQ models, and kitbash it in, something to while away the weekends, as well as being so much lighter than the SHQ model (the only reason for doing this, as there is nothing wrong with their model, except it is metal!!)

The end result is a Light Tank troop, and a pair of Assault Guns for my US Cavalry Group. The newly completed additions.

                                     The whole group, including the previous 3 M5 Stuarts

The only thing that really needs attention now is that I have a lack of M8 Greyhounds and M20 utility cars for the core of the Cavalry group. Also some jeeps, trailers and dismounted personnel are needed to flesh out the Group.

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