Saturday, 3 May 2014

Plastic Soldier Company 20mm M5 Stuarts

A Guild Speed Build for a kit bought at Salute, or a local model shop, got me calling into Hereford Model Shop when I was visiting the city. They have a huge selection of kits, but the main reason I have called in there before, when I have been going thru Hereford, has been the even larger selections of modelling materials and paints. Not quite my local shop, but I get to Poole or Frome even less.

I bought a Plastic Soldier Company 20mm M5 Stuart box of 3. I'd got a box of their PIV's, and liked the ease with which they went together. A bit short on details, and no decals included, but enough to make several individualised models from what you get. Good value for money.

The Stuarts would be the beginning of  my attempt to reconfigure and reorganise my US forces, and my attempt to do a decent paint job would really determine whether this would be feasible.

I added a Cullin hedge cutter to one (from the box options), and added sandbags to all. I also brushed/rubbed in pigment on to the models to make them look worn. With the pigment, less is definitely more, as I think you only need to hint about it, and not chuck it all over the place. 

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