Sunday, 18 May 2014

Battle Group Overlord 500pt encounter

The game was going to be played with an equal force for both sides, 500 pts. There would be no objectives but the idea would be to win over the other player by BR ratings, or percentage at end. A change from the objective lead games played earlier.

German forces - Myself

BG HQ in kubel with Pzrfst

Platoon of Stug G
Platoon of Inf with PzrFst and MG42 LMG's   x 2
IG75mm with loader crew
HMG - MG42

US forces - Steve and Mike

BG HQ in jeep

Recce Jeep with 50cal
57mm A/T and Dodge tow
81mm mortar
Platoon of Inf - with BAR squad option
2 M10's
3 Shermans

The terrain was laid out as shown below
Key feature was the orchard that dominated the centre and both base lines of the table. Access to the orchard was across open terrain for the Germans except on their left flank, where there was cover for an attack. This also had the advantage that it would provide a route into the flank positions of the US, if they went for the centre.
 The advantage that I believe the Germans had was the 2 platoons of infantry. I could deploy 2 platoons to the flanks, the IG and HMG in the centre, and Stugs where needed. I should be able to overwhelm any US infantry I met.
As it turned out, this was easier said than done, but the left flank performed better than the right. The 2 platoons of infantry certainly surprised the US, who expected tanks rather infantry, and I think composed their list accordingly.
As the left flank platoon deployed first, this gave them confirmation of their impression of how the Germans forces would deploy. There was a lot of open terrain to cross on both flanks but I thought/hoped that I could get across and get cover quickly enough not to have to worry too much.
 The US 57mm drove on following the recce jeep, to engage the Stug in the lane. The recce jeep ducked into the orchard when the Stug arrived, which was brought on to stop the recce jeep from flanking fire into the advancing Germans on the US right flank. A bit complicated, more like chess moves. The 57mm and Stug traded ineffectual shots at each other, failing to spot more often than missing on the to hit table. Even a speculative HE area fire by the Stug missed. To move forward, from as it turned out 41 inches !!! would have spoilt the fun of constantly rolling misses.
To make progress in the centre, a section of infantry was brought up to take the orchard, just what the Germans wanted. Less infantry to stop their advance on their left, and inviting a pin with flanking attack.
When all the Stug's had been brought on, the US brought on their M10's to put a crimp on the German right advance. It did.
The left flank advance is making progress, mainly by concentrated fire of the MG42's and rifles. The US defence is being worn down, without reciprocal casualties caused on the Germans. The recce jeep was not able to pin the advance, and not enough firepower could be brought to bear on the german squads to keep pinning them.
Part of the right flank advance showing the IG 75mm, which didn't really get into play, thought he HMG did, scaring off the recce jeep.
The German right flank attack, infantry supporting the Stug's, but moving out in the open.
US mortar strike on the Stug, overshoots and lands on the infantry, killing a MG team member, and pinning both squads
US centre and right. They are just about to be hit by the German flanking platoon, either squad of US troops is unable to support each other, as they are both engaged by rifle's with the LMG's doing direct fire
The mortar is not able to stop the advance of the German infantry, where when pinned can use another squad to continue the advance.
More German casualties, but the advance continues. The Stug is hit by a 'minefield' counter, which when I put on a M10 and rolled for effect, became a friendly mine strike. Over to the US players who promptly put it on the Stug in the picture. Drat those pesky Yanks! Foiled again!
Things are going a bit easier for the Germans on their left, the US have to turn their defence 90' to face the Germans on the flank moving up to the orchard on the flank, but with Germans moving up the orchard to their front

Some of the German pinning casualties, which when I rolled to lift the pin off the troops, took a BR counter and rolled a 1, twice!!, that is on 2 occasions. Effectively for no result, and 8 BR's taken. I'd only taken 3 for an LMG team in the game so far.

The game was called and BR counters tallied. A US success, even though things were rapidly going west in the centre for the US, and although the Germans had lost a Stug and had one immobilised, were still able to hold off the US Shermans  - an immobilisation and destruction.
Even though the 'Cap' couldn't be there, he sends his regards to the victorious US forces. Thanks to Steve and Mike.


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