Friday, 8 November 2013

Stinson L4 Sentinel - Part 2

A spurt of creative energy, and some preparation has pushed the project along. I pre-drilled the wings for supporting brass wires, fitted through the cockpit. I had got some plastic rod for the wing supports, and worked out how I would do them to show the original supports.

I took some plastic rod, cut to size, and then filed both side to flatten them. I then cut the joining spar, and glued them up.

Taking the wings, and glueing them onto the brass rods. A bit of a mess really, as drilling the wings for the rods, the drill melted the plasticard. What a palaver! Not recommended, but I did it to support the wings, and well, enough said. The prop came from a Roden Fokker D7 that was supplied as a spare/alternative. The engine cowl was drilled. The tail planes were also pre drilled, but not taken any further, after the mess with the wings.

Finally the spars were added to the structure to finish. Still a lot to do, such as aerials and more wing supports. Also the undercarriage to build.

Intakes and exhausts added. The finished article below, with 2 crew for the diorama, sorted from my box of little men I don't know what to do with.

And now after a black undercoat, green base, dark wash and green drybrush.

The base will be a CD, which has been gritted ready for building up the base to show the crash landing/shooting down. The 2 figures will form part of the diorama. 

The paint job and base have been finished, leaving the figures to do. It's a basic paint job but will make a really good objective marker or table scenery. Feel quite pleased that I was able to make something of the fuselage and the odd bits in the shed. Time for the actual observation plane next.

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