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Flames of War - 6th June Beach Assault Part 2

The game started again this Friday just gone. The bloody assault continued with the British lead by a company of Royal Marines - they were wearing berets, and the US lead by an Assault company.
The US second wave has moved up to the seawall, with remnents of the 1st wave clearing away the wire entanglements. Elements of one of the 2nd wave platoons is attempting to clear the minefield around the beach bunker and exit off the beach. Not very successfully though, taking casualties from the clearing operation and the hmg in the bunker on the seawall in the middle.
A view down the beach showing the intrepid remains of a US platoon attempting to reach the wire surrounding the Coastal Battery. Pressure is being applied to the Germans, albeit slowly.
The only force able to defend the Battery are 3 Marders, ducking and diving around the Battery position. It's not enough, but with 'stormtrooping' for the Marders, they are able to keep out of the way of incoming fire, and position themselves against the US assault. On call naval bombardment is just not able to keep the pressure on the Marders.
The wire is being removed, but will expose the Assault platoon to fire. All the wire at the beach exit has been removed as well.
'This means You', as the Brit commander points to the occupied houses above the seawall. A long and bloody assault up into the town is continuing, with casualties mounting but reduced due to the protection from the buildings - on both sides. Close assault it is, but the Germans have 3 Stugs to assist in stripping away British support to the assaulting troops.
The view up the beach is disconcertingly lacking in British troops, and what is there will be reduced by the Stugs and the beach bunker in the middle, on the seawall.
The last remaining Sherman will be brewed by a Stug, and whilst the wire has been removed the landing is becoming a test of will and stamina.
There are no troops to protect the Battery, and Infantry has been moved away from the town, along the inland access road towards the Battery - 2 platoons, enough to make a difference to both fights.The stormtrooping move does not have an effect unless there is only a normal move, doubling does not allow stormtrooping. The infantry are doubling.
The mines are cleared, and the wire above the seawall in 2 places. The US are moving up, but suffer heavy casualties at the beach exit - platoon wiped out. The remaining 1st wave seem to have charmed lives so far, as well as being very effective.
US infantry have moved up to the edge of the Battery, with another platoon moving up to take the positions around the dragons teeth next to road exit. The heavy weapons platoon has come into play, but is too far away to be effective. At present there is no room for them at the seawall, which will provide cover and bring them into range.
After some ersatz coffee and a sausage!, the Marders are ready to give a good account of themselves whilst holding out till the infantry reserves arrive.
A thanks to Johns wife - Dot, for arranging nibbles to be eaten during the game.
The first of the reserves about to move up into position. Its now a race with these troops and the US 2nd wave to take the Battery. There are to many threats for the Marders to deal. There are to many targets for the US to deal with, only the naval guns can attack the Marders, and this is proving unreliable, even when on target.
A public view of private pain, the Brits are being kicked around silly trying to get into the town. The Royal Engineers are exposed on their right flank, and the platoons are being reduced down to close on 50%.
The tailend of the reserves moving across, with the Stugs having withdrawn to the main street but still able to fire into the Brits and the houses they are attempting to assault. The German mortars have been kept busy all game pouring in on the beach reducing the Brit supports slowly but surely.
The Brits have got into the line of houses, but the dearth of supports are quite clear - there aren't any. Platoons are just disintegrating from failed motivation rolls at 50%.

The action in the town, with the British in the line of houses off the beach. The bunker with the quick fire gun has been destroyed, helping the situation, but the Stugs are still active.
The German defence line along the main street. The houses are occupied but by a reduced force.
More action at the US end of the beach. The infantry are starting to get seriously thinned.
Overview of the whole beach showing breaches but showing the need for a third and even fourth wave. On the day there would have been six or more waves rolling in.
Better view of the British, and thats all you've got mate. The center bunker with the HMG is slowly thinning out the British support.
The Germans counterattack with their Marders, around the side of the Naval battery.  It crushes the US attack on the right flank.
The Marders get a mild slap in the face from the supporting Naval gunfire. Scratch 1 Marder, even though the 3 SPG's are under the template. A Marder for an Infantry platoon - a poor trade.
The rest of the attack continues but the fire is withering as the US infantry continue on.
The view from the German side - slowly filling up with defenders.
Another view up the beach showing the reduction in infantry.
The Germans redeploy their infantry and the remaining 2 Marders, with the US about to attempt to breach the perimeter.
More pain about to happen at the British end of the beach. The final supports have moved up.
All thats left of the US infantry moves up to continue the assault.
The attack on the right flank goes in, severly depleted by the earlier Marder counterattack. That attack proved crucial to the defence of the Naval battery, reducing support for the attack shown.
The attack is repulsed, severely reducing any force for further attacks.
The british are pushing on in a limited way on the far left, pushing into the middle line of houses on the main street.
The Stugs have withdrawn to the access road at the third line of houses, still supporting the infantry in the houses, and still hammering the British advance.

The game was drawn to a close at this point, close to 10pm.

A resounding German victory, even with some notable US and British successes. A very good game, over 2 halves, and quite instructive. The game was on a scale that couldn't be done with Battlegroup Overlord. There is too much action to resolve, and even with that, there was a need for more Allied troops to actually force the issue.

As far as the US were concerned, they suffered approxiamately 90% casualties, with only the Battalion command and a heavy weapons platoon coming through. All the tanks were destroyed, and whilst vital to making the first cut into the German defences, the lack of continuos reinforcements to the initial wave showed. This would have pushed the game up to regimental size, and with a consequent amount of casualties, maybe the %age going down, but the initial waves suffering heavily.

A very enjoyable, instructive and salutary game.


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