Monday, 15 April 2013

Dystopian Wars Taster - Game 12-04-13

I'd heard a lot about this game, and after looking up the game on the web - just type in Dystopian Wars in images, wanted to see it firsthand.
French naval group
Blazing Sun naval group
I have always had a passion for naval, especially WW1 and Ironclad, as well as an inclination to Steampunk. It seemed totally insane that the two should come together, or not...
Prussian naval group
FSA naval group
The game was of 4 navies - Empire of the Blazing Sun (Japanese), Federated States of America (US), Prussian Empire (German) and Republique of France (French). The French have the sexiest looking vessels - totally steampunk predreadnoughts. The US have hi-tech paddlewheelers, the Germans have US WW2 style kickass vessels, and the Japanese have vessels inspired by Casey Jones - comedy train style ships that are totally awesome rocket firing platforms. They also have a giant mechanical squid as well. They are the one for me, roll on the Nautilus and captain Nemo.

The models all came from the basic starter fleet sets, with a few extra's, which is where the extra bit of the game comes in. The stat cards and other bits for the ships are all downloadable, though the rules are a must. The game lasts 6 turns, and to be honest that is more than enough to get a result.

The game was a general shoot-em-up, last man standing. The game works with iniative rolls to determine who goes first, then alternate groups/squadrons with your opponent.
The French and Blazing Sun moving up. The Empire of the Blazing Sun are nearest. To aid the game, markers have been placed with groups that have been activated in the turn sequence.
The FSA moving up to engage the Blazing Sun.
The RoF battleship, supported by a dreadnought moving across to engage the FSA vessels

A better view of the Blazing Sun fleet.
The FSA fleet taking damage. Mainly from rocket attacks from the Blazing Sun, which can fire an insane amount of rockets when grouped up. It also shows the island which effectively split the Prussians from the FSA, and their mutual support.

The FSA aircraft forming for an attack on the Blazing Sun, but with the ships manoeverability, this was next to impossible giving the activation sequence and the ability of the aircraft to react to it.

Well, as an observer to the game, I could leave early, and unfortunately that is what I had to do. The game looked very good, with lots of potential for painting and modelling - vessels and terrain. Some of the stuff on the web is truly awesome, and a great advert for the game. Here is one.



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