Wednesday, 3 October 2012

SS platoons finished

I have finally finished basing up my SS platoons ( 2 ) which I got as a present for my half centenial. Not sure I will be getting some for my next one though, so I feel okay about this. I take the point made by a few individuals that the whole SS thing can be a glorification of a particularly nasty and disgusting amoral period in history. However the reason was my inability to paint camoflage, and Nick Turner was able to give a good price for the painting. I got the figures from SHQ a while ago shortly after getting 2 platoons of Heer from the bring and buy at PAW 2012 in Febuary. Those have provided sterling service, but I hope to use the newly finished figures for future gaming.

Along with the SS I have finished off a lot of soft vehicles and support for the germans, and when I have time at the weekend I will be posting photo's.


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