Sunday, 21 October 2012

A previous existence... in a different scale

I have recently come accross an old model of a 15mm VAB from LKM. It was unusual as I had made the master for Chas several years ago. I decided to rebase it, as the original base had come off, and put it up in a posting. Also, to write a bit about some of the masters I made up for Chas.Some were okay, others were a joy to do, and though I am proud of the achievement, I am more proud of some,and especially proud of the VAB, as it waas the first.

I used to make scatch build kits a long time ago. It started with a bunch of GRP resin turrets for Airfix T34's type D hexagonal turret, for my Russian 20mm. Thirty five years ago. Plaster mould, with pour in green resin. Sometimes they set, other times they didn't. The first actual full model were a couple of T60's, built with plasticard and the running gear from an Airfix JS3. The JS3 kit was awful, and having built one, I got another for the bogie wheels. At the same time I was building HMG's, 57mm anti tank guns, 81mm mortars, anti tank rifles, 120mm mortar, AA mounts for machine guns,  SU152, SU85, SU122, stalinets and komsomlets tractors. I had a copy of Milsoms book on Russian afv's and a book on Soviets small arms as a reference. The problem was drawings to work from, and pictures to use as reference. A lot of it was guesswork, and what was suitable and available.

I ended up with a regiment of  T34's, the matchbox infantry being used as Siberian SMG armed tank riders, a company of 3 platoons of ESCI plastic infantry, with heavy weapons. A load of supports etc. They disappeared in the early 80's somewhere.

So after being challenged by Chas to make something better, when I whinged that his VAB was not like the pictures I had seen for painting, I went away and built one,along with some variants, AMX10 apcs, German 4 and 8 wheeler armoured cars. The result is below. Not the master, but a model I got for an abortive modern bush wars campaign I attempted, and painted up.


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