Monday, 27 August 2012

KGN 400pt game - British Para's vs Germans

A game organised by me and John, with 400pts a side. We put up the terrain, which on reflection was to much,with the entry/exit roads easily blocked with as it turned out burning tanks. No exits off the lanes channeled the attacks down easily identifiable avenues of  approach.
In short, a very good game that showed many of difficulties of fighting in Norman bocage
The forces

We ran an encounter game with the forces, which was excellent 'fun', the Tiger going for a shot at the lead Sherman, missing!!!, then being sniped by a Firefly.The resultant wreck blocked entry/exit from the lane. The Stugs then sniped a Sherman, which blocked the entry/exit of the lane on the British side. The game then revolved around feeding in Infantry to push along and force the tanks to retreat, and to push success gained from vehicle mounted mg's.

Learnt a lot more about force composition as well which I tried to put into effect for the next game.

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