Monday, 27 August 2012

Action at Breville - Para's vs more Germans

We were thinking of a game - another outing for Johns superbly painted Para's, and, as I have a copy of  the Wargames Illustrated Para article, Breville sounded a good idea. We had to improvise a bit with the terrain but generally got the same layout. The 2 Marders were run as Marders, but were shown on the table as a Hetzer and JagdpanzerIV.

Overall another very good game, with the Brits not really getting anywhere until the Shermans showed up. Essentially the same thing as happened actually. The Germans suffered from dire action points throughout the game, and not having a Battlegroup command, were unable to do anything about them. Also, with the action fought out at night it limited the ability to engage at distance. Not that this was a problem for the Pak38, which was pretty useless at long or short range, missing 3 penetration shots, then getting blasted out of its ATG position. A further problem with the germans was the splitting into 2 of the infantry sections, whilst giving a more flexible fire unit, was a royal pain in the ass when rolling for action points without rerolls. In short, more command units needed in a list, radio van is a must, buy mortars for support. Sniper was interesting.

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