Monday, 13 February 2012

PAW 2012

What a great weekend.

My 28mm Ottomans played really well, and I played excrebly.My best game in results was against Aztecs in the first round. They went on to win. I had a marginal losing draw. It went downhill from there, with each game getting fewer points than the last. Finally I tanked at the fourth game, with a slight improvement.

I didn't take the Janisseries as they cost too much in 28mm, they need to be protected, you need 8 per battlegroup, and they are not battleline troops though tend to be used that way. The Turks took armoured Serbs, as they didn't need the heavy armour, 4 groups of LF and drilled cav.

On the whole I think I played better than I have for a long while, a year to be exact when I went to Paw 2011.

So roll on 2013!!

Will post photo's when get round to it

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