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Gyros Teller - Intelligence briefing

The following are the display material that were used in the latest game - Gyros Teller Part IV. They form background and briefing information sourced from Corridor flights, Brixmis, Intelligence intercepts and assessments. Whilst the game is a fictional what if scenario to wargame the Cold War in Central Europe 1986, the photo's and material are from actual Inteligence reports of the period. The map is an extension of the 'what if' given the deployment of the forces involved.

Game introduction showing pre battle photo analysis.

The Game background

The political and military security background. Brixmis were units of the BAOR that were deployed to shadow and report on Warsaw pact troop movements and concentrations during the Cold war. They were over the IGB, as were their Soviet equivalents, situated in the west. Part of the overall monitoring to reduce international tension.

Soxmis - the Warsaw Pact equivalent of Brixmis, would be active prior to any military action to locate and identify potential threats. Even in 'peacetime' their activities would need to be monitored and recorded to identify areas of specific interest to them.

What to expect. The Big 7, a general identification of potential threats from Warsaw Pact forces.

Simple guidelines for reporting missions and battlefield observation. There is a specific section for NBC attacks or strikes.

An overview of general areas of locations and dispositions of  Soviet forces, with Nato Corps boundaries. The map gives the location of our fictional town - Gyros Teller.

This is the Independent Tank Battalion, from 10th Guards Armoured Division. These were new formations, designed to operate independently with a full complement of supporting arms, artillery, infantry and engineers.

Evidence is building up for prospective military operations, as yet unknown given previous reports

Soviet units from 10th Guards Armoured are observed leaving laager areas

Military intelligence is beginning to be severely concerned regarding the activity of Soviet forces

Soviet forces are being located in areas deemed to be concentration areas for an attack west.

An overflight of the IGB has confirmed that Soviet forces have physically crossed the IGB. 

Our map of the area of Gyros Teller, tp show the general dispositions of the units involved in the attack into West Germany.

Gyros Teller is set during the period 1st, 2nd and 3rd February 1986. The games are snapshots taken during those 3 days, in and around the area of Gyros Teller, involving British units, with assistance to and from Belgian and German units. We do not attempt to explain why the 'what if' happened, but I am a confirmed believer in the cockup explanation of history, reading up about Stanislav Petrov and the Able Baker exercise would give you an understanding of the feverish nature that the Cold War got to at times.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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