Friday, 7 February 2014

PAW 2014 - Wargames show at Plymouth

Having turned up with my camera, it was only fair to take some photo's of the other games out on at the show. The standard of the games was very good, and a lot of people worked very hard to get their games on the table. As fate would have it,I took photo's of the 2 games that won best in show - display and participation, we were pipped at the post with Gyros Teller. Whether getting a 'shout' or not, our aim was not for a prize, but to have a really good time, and to entertain the visitors to the show with a good representation of a Cold War wargame. I think we did a fair job.

A Japanese skirmish with mythical beasts and lots of swinging katana's

Another Japanese game, again nicely set up and painted.

WW2 skirmish game, with air landed troops

Winner of the best participation game - a steam punk skirmish using the new Osprey rules. Very nice game.

December, 1941, a day that will go down  in infamy, yes, its a refight of Pearl Harbour. This though had a difference. The ships were all handmade, exact copies of the originals, in the docks and berths they were historically. Beautiful models and layout.

Lace Wars style game, unfortunately the pretty metal men distracted me from finding out more, but again, nicely done.

Winner of best display game  at the show, preparing to hold back the hordes.

I didn't get any info on this, but was drawn to the painted games cloth used for the base.

I couldn't resist it, one of Gyros teller.

One of the people we met - myself and Nick, was John, from the Devon Wargames group. He has some more pics and notes on his blog -


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