Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dutch Early War -Battlegroup Blitzkrieg

I'm a member/poster on the 'Guild'. A really interesting site that hosts itself to lots of painters and modelers, as well as wargamers, and amongst others things they have motivational drives called builds. The Dutch are a result of one of the builds over the New Year. It started with Anti-tank guns.

I then finished a pair of MMG's - of WW1 vintage.

As well as half a platoon of infantry. They were armed with rifles and Lewis Guns!!

As a saying goes, Generals always fight the last war, and the Dutch were no exception. When I got the figures and models a long while ago, I also got 3 tanks that were listed by SHQ as Dutch but I thought were Belgian.

 Anyway when I eventually found out - yesterday  - after I had painted them, I found a really cool site on Dutch armour in the East and West Indies. It is just amazing, as well as being so hidden on the searches that you have to be directed to it.
In fact, when you read the site, the Dutch East Indies were more peculiarly able to organise and prepare than the homeland Dutch.

The KNIL Vickers Light Tank, based on the Vickers production variant of the Belgian T15 tankettes. Only 10 of the production run were delivered to the KNIL. Anyway, all the Dutch have been painted, and I shall endeavour to get some action shots.

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