Sunday, 1 September 2013

WW1 aircraft so far

After feeling rather fed-up with the lack of gaming going on, a combination of work, housework!! ( work in the house that needs doing ) and lack of time, pottering around the shed doing bits of work on the WW1 aircraft have got things going again.

I have managed to do 6 aircraft bought at Yeovilton several years ago. I have sorted out stands for the aircraft, and decided on how to do the game board. In fact it will be a sheet that I will hex out.

I have 2 Fokker Dr1's, 2 Fokker D7's and 2 Sopwith camels. I have ordered 2 Spad XIII's from Thailand of all places. They were so cheap and post free.


The stands are what I first built and used for my WW2 weird and normal  planes , but having finally sorted out the stands, to be able to use height I will be converting them to the new system - telescopic reach rods, with a magnet on, securing the planes via rare earth magnets under the planes. Post to follow.

Kit wise, the 2 Camels were from Academy, ok and easy to put together. The early D7 was from Roden. A complete bitch to assemble as the parts were all to scale and in proportion, as well as being super detailed. The decals were superb as well. Detail lost on a wargames table, but allowing me to be able to pimp up poorer kits with the leftovers. The later D7 was a Revell kit, simple and easy to do lacking detail and good decals. The Fokker triplanes were from Smer, not so good quality as Roden, but better than Academy and Revell.  


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