Sunday, 20 May 2012

KGN games at Ilchester

Organised a KGN game at Ilchester, 2 US platoons and armour against 1 German platoon and a small amount of armour. No details really as the game wasn't as great as I lead myself  to believe but I do have 3 photo's. In short, I tried too much with inexperienced players, and I count myself in that category. I couldn't give definitive replies/rulings to situations, so the play slowed right down. It was to be a learning exercise, and it did prove to be that! You need to start on a much smaller scale, and if possible keep to a single combat arm, i.e. infantry, or tanks only.
This was the basis for a very sucessful infantry action 2 weeks later, 2 US platoons advancing to secure a farmhouse and hedgeline defended by a German platoon. The main point drawn from this is that by the end of the game, the players were familiar with the concepts and mechanisms of the rules and were able to conduct actions on their own. I did give a small talk about what the rules allow you to do, visibility, actions, movement and shooting, before the game commenced.
US advance to small stream, armoured infantry debussing to advance, with armoured recon taken out by panzerfausts on road, US armour being engaged at long range by 2 panthers.

The germans had a section in the house, the orchard on the far left, the hedges between, and a pak 40 at the right side of the house.

The US tanks pounded the house, knocking out the pak, but unable to affect the infantry, and in turn took a pounding from the 2 panthers.

It wasn't a great game, but lessons were learnt. The second game at Ilchester was by far better as it flowed smoother, and the scope was much more limited/concentrated. No pics though.

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